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This learn to read App Elminates the number one fear of every parent: Will my kid learn to read as good as its peers and pass to next grade?

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Why I had to create this app?

Get your kid reading the smart way!

Do you constantly feel like you're sabotaging your child's reading process ? Like you're trying to control a process that should happen naturally?

Be careful. Helping your kids with their learning process is difficult. And bad process damage kids emotions.

I’ve seen it all the time: an eager parent rushes into teaching his kid, a misguided methodology.. I’ve done it myself—and I’ve paid the consequence of lost time and lost my kids security on rushing in to a methodology that was never going to work.

We as parents have high expectations for our children, and when things don't go quite smoothly – a damaging fear sneaks its way into the reading process.

Through my App, Mario Alphabet, I will teach your kid to to learn to read the letters. Prepare to say goodbye to guesswork and to say hello to the confidence in knowing that you and your kid’re on a path to success.

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Get inspired to

Boost your child´s academic potential!

Watch the App trailer video to discover the essence behind Mario´s Alphabet App?

What You & Your Toddler Will learn:

A game to practice letters,  phonetic sounds, and words that start with that letter.

kids learn to read all the letters in a game that encourages play, exploration and fun. Game is based upon Montessori Methodology which allows Kids to learn to read faster ! Benefits of this game :

  • Your child will be reading in the blink of an eye! (we promise)
  • Each new level introduces a new letter, it's phonetic sounds, and words that start with that letter.
  • Letters are introduced according to the Montessori methodology. Surprisingly, with this order children will learn faster to read than with the traditional alphabet’s order. 
  •  Children can learn to read in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese.
  • Treat this app as your potty training manual, something you can repeatedly go back to for engaging, practical advice on how to potty train your toddler in way that makes the process fun, effortless, and exciting!

    Think of this App as your kids learning to read manual, something you can refer to for honest and straight-forward advice as your kids begin to learn to read and boost your childs learning potential that takes off and soars.


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It works!

Your kid will learn 95% faster than its peers

Watch the App trailer video to discover the essence behind Mario´s Alphabet App?

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The testimonials

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"This app is a TOP APP for teaching the alphabet "
Editorial review - Technology review
#1 Best Educational app for kids
This was a great motivational tool and the children were definitely learning without realising it!  The animations were very appealing and the children loved the funny faces that the monsters made!
FundamentallyChildren.com - The good App guide
It is really quite well done. Best of luck with it! Keep me posted...The concept of the game is a great way of introducing the alphabet in a new way. "-
–Jayne Claire . TeacherwithApps
 This is a fun additional game for children beginning to learn their letters, it is best used with parents to help children recognise how the objects they see link to the letters, as it can be quite subtle to spot.
– UK literacy trust
A fun app where children were learning without realising it.
– Good app guide

So What are you waiting for? Boost your child´s potential!

learn to read app

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So What are you waiting for? Boost your child´s potential!

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